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Empower yourself and your children on the road...

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Provide yourself and any driver inexperienced or very experienced to be safe and confident on the roads. Upon completion of our Pitstop Workshop, you will have the skills to properly inspect on your vehicle, solve some common roadside problems, as well as practice road safety.

What You'll Learn

Ways to save money

Having a new driver can be costly, which is why we want to help you save money on your car maintenance and repairs.

In the course we teach you:

  • Steps to increase gas mileage
  • Information on proper tire inflation to save you hundreds on wear and tear
  • How to check your engine fluids to save you from roadside emergencies and thousands in repairs

Road Safety

Safety on the road is our TOP priority. We want new drivers to be informed of the many safety procedures to take with their vehicle.

In the course we teach you:

  • Proper tire pressure and inflation procedures
  • How to check your tread depth and what’s the minimum to avoid blowouts
  • What to include in an emergency kit

How to Help others

Being able to help others is so empowering. With the skills we cover, your new driver will be able to help others in an emergency!

In the course we teach you:

  • How to change a flat tire
  • How to jump start a vehicle

What Our Clients Are Saying

"A great program ran by a great guy with a huge heart and passion to change his community."
Danielle M.
"Gregg is a great person to work with! He taught a class to a group of teens in foster care about car maintenance and they truly enjoyed it. Gregg is knowledgeable, engaging, and really cares about the people around him. We will definitely be working with him again!"
Jill C.
"Much-needed program run by a highly-qualified and caring community mentor, Gregg Sheldon."
Dawn M.

Pitstop Workshop FAQs

In the Pitstop Workshop, we cover a variety of topics. The 7 modules are:

  1. Dash Lights
  2. Emergency Kits
  3. Maintenance Schedules
  4. Jump Starts
  5. Changing a Tire
  6. Checking Tires
  7. Engine Fluids


The workshop is a one day course that takes 2-3 hours.

Yes, once you complete all of the modules and submit your assessments, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Once you complete the assessments, email them to AutoShopVocational@gmail.com

The Pitstop Workshop is an online course that you can complete at your own pace. Once you purchase the course, you will have access to the seven video modules.

With the Pitstop Workshop Lifetime Membership, you’ll always have access to the workshop content.

If you have questions or find yourself needing clarification on a topic, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help, so please email AutoShopVocational@gmail.com at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.